New California Gun Classifieds Website

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There is a new gun classifieds site in town called California Gun Trader

They are focusing just on the state of California, and drill down to cities like Corona

It looks like it has some potential to grow. You can post an ad for just about anything, and the part that I like best is that it is free. Free is always good, especially if it is related to guns!

Interesting Video about Defending the Constitution

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The Intimidator Puzzle

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The Intimidator puzzle, by machinist GarE Maxton, comprises six different kinds of metal: aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, magnesium, and steel. When disassembled, it’s an impressive array of pieces:

125-piece puzzle. The solution? A single-shot 45-caliber muzzle-loading pistol called the Intimidator

“[It's] a customized set of tools, all necessary hardware, 45 caliber bullets, a standard sight, a laser sight, a canister containing black powder pellets, a secure storage area for 209 shotgun primers, a spent primer removal tool and a ramrod for loading the bullets.”

The finished product is pretty amazing!

New Stock from Germany

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A German company Roedale Precision unveiled a few new stock systems for the Howa M1500, Tikka T3 and Remington 700 rifle actions at the IAW 2010 expo. One features a huge milled aluminum block for bedding your action. The other has a folding stock.

Liquid armor

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New armor made to accompany Kevlar has been developed to ease mobility and weight. It is a liquid that when hit with a high velocity projectile quickly hardens and becomes sticky, trapping the bullet inside of its mass.

The BBC reports:

The researchers have combined this “shear-thickening” liquid with Kevlar to create a new bullet-proof material.

The company is keeping the chemical formula of the liquid a secret, but it works by absorbing the force of the bullet strike and responding to it by becoming much thicker and more sticky.

The BAE scientists describe it as “bullet-proof custard”.

“It’s very similar to custard in the sense that the molecules lock together when it’s struck,” explained Stewart Penny, business development manager in charge of materials development at the company.

Shear-thickening liquids are not new to military research. The US Army Research Laboratories has carried out tests using similar liquids.

But, according to BAE, these latest tests provide the first clear evidence that liquid armour could effectively protect soldiers from bullets or shrapnel.

They say the liquid could ultimately be used to make much lighter, more flexible and more effective bullet-proof vests for soldiers.

“In standard bullet-proof vests, we use thick, heavy, layered plates of Kevlar that restrict movement and contribute to fatigue,” said Mr Penny.

In the tests, scientists used a large gas gun to fire ball bearing-shaped metal bullets at over 300 metres per second into two test materials – 31 layers of untreated kevlar and 10 layers of kevlar combined with the shear-thickening liquid.

“The Kevlar with the liquid works much faster and the impact isn’t anything like as deep,” he explained.

New forum layout

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We are proud to announce our forums new design! check it out

CA legal tommy gun

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 LAN World, Inc. is chosen by Kahr Arms to distribute their Thompson rifles into California. Full warranty is intact and the bullet button kit is 100% reversible and endorsed by Kahr Arms! Another excellent product for the California Shooter with full manufacturer support.

American rifle M3 scope rings

Posted June 29th, 2010 by sniped

American rifle took an intresting aproach to limit stress on scopes when mounted, take a look!

The NRA and the Disclosure act

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Interesting read. These liberal democrats will stop at nothing and that’s why we can’t stop either. How anti-American is it to strip freedom away from the people who put you in office?

Mosin project

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As promised, some more pictures from my project of converting a M-38 into a modernized-sporterized firearm. Check it out, click the link below.