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Posted April 30th, 2010 by sniped

A while back I put together A Ruger 10/22 for both me and my significant other. I plan on doing Reviews on the gear I put on both rifles. First off is this barrel, but before I get ahead of myself…

(pictured with Butler Creek)

I think a .22 rifle is a great tool to use for training your shooting skills. Why? Cost for one, a box of 500 22lr rounds can cost as little as $10. Another reason is lack of recoil, there is no flinch factor. Granted, you’re not going to be able to reach out past 200 yards with a .22 rifle effectively. This will still get you behind a trigger to work on your shooting technique. Trigger time is trigger time, and anyone looking to improve their center fire rifle skills should spent a lot of time behind the trigger of an accurate .22 rifle. Rim fire practice, even at 50 to 100 yards, really helps to improve your focus and trigger control. I have a 10/22 I accurized myself, and it is a real tack-driver. When I go out to shoot, I always bring my 10/22 and shoot a few hundred rounds through it. Try it out and watch your skills greatly improve!

As for the Whistle pig barrel, well it does not lack in accuracy. The stock 10/22 barrel has fallen from grace over the years and is now nothing but average. Sure it’s great for knocking over cans at 50 yards but if you want a bug hole you can cover with a nickel, you need some improvements. Trigger work, a good barrel and a nice scope will go a long way, but for today let’s talk barrels. I first bought a Butler Creek 20” stainless steel barrel. Apart from being heavy enough to sink a small boat it was very accurate. One small problem continually occurred though, it would fail to eject and fail to chamber about 6 out of 10 rounds! After doing some research, I found it was due to the tight Bentz chambering. I tried many types of ammo (from bulk to match grade) and even an extractor fix, but the problem persisted. After doing some homework I stumbled upon this company with a rather strange name. Not being able to find anything but positive reviews I went ahead and bought a 20” barrel with compressor. I also had them anodize it fading from gunmetal to black. I received the barrel in about 2 weeks, and my first words were “wow I don’t even want to use this thing! It looks like a piece of art”. Needless to say the paint job was flawless and stunning. After I installed it on my Yukon extreme stock (black and grey as well) the gun went from good to amazing.

I broke in the barrel as recommended and accuracy only got better. Between 75-100 yards I can shoot the wings off of a flies back! It has eaten up everything I give to it and have not had a single issue since I installed the barrel. Accuracy is stunning, fit and finish is top notch, not to mention the barrel is lighter then the stainless steel. I am more then pleased with the company and the quality of their craftsmanship. Any further 10/22 builds I do I will be exclusively dealing with them for my barrel needs. Check them out for your self and I think you will be happy with what you find.


Typical 5 shot group with CCI Blazers at 100 yards

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